Fundamental Concepts

Introduction to Digital Marketing

1. Digital Channels Overview
2. Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age
3. Digital Marketing Strategies and Tools

Website Development

1. Domain & Hosting Selection
2. WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
3. Website Design and Optimization

Online Advertising
  1. Introduction to Online Advertising and its Role in Digital Marketing
  2. Overview of Different Online Advertising Platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads)
  3. Understanding Ad Formats, Targeting Options, and Budgeting Strategies
  4. Measuring Advertising Performance and Optimizing Campaigns for ROI

Core Tactics​


1. Keyword Research
2. On-Page SEO
3. Off-Page SEO
4. Improving Visibility on Search Engin

1. Paid Search Advertising
2. Google Ads Management
3. Keyword Research and Analysis
4. Ad Copywriting and Optimization
Social Media Marketing

1. Platform Overview
2. Strategy Development
3. Posting and Content Creation
4. Utilizing Social Platforms

Specialized Tools and Techniques

Email Marketing

1. Email Campaigns
2. Tools Selection
3. Metrics Tracking
4. Conducting Effective Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

1. Finding Programs
2. Commission Strategies
3. Earning through Product/Service Promotion

Influencer Marketing
1. Influencer Types
2. Campaign Strategies
3. Partnering with Influencers
Video Marketing
1. Video Creation
2. Platform Selection
3. Analytics Tracking
4. Utilizing Video Content

Analytics and Tracking

Google Analytics

1. Setup
2. Tracking Implementation
3. Reports Generation
4. Advanced Analytics Tracking

Google Tag Manager
1. Tagging
2. Triggers Configuration
3. Variables Setup
4. Tag Management System Integration
Google Search Console

1. Setup
2. Monitoring
3. Insights Analysis
4. Website Performance Monitoring in Google Search

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